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The Voice of Veterans

Veterans Broadcasting Network of American, Inc.

VBN is preparing a new information format we call "Coffee Corner".  This program is replacing the Radio Show that has aired for almost 4 years.  "Coffee Corner" will be aired, right here at,  and eventually on YouTube, and via Podcast.
Our Mission is the same, however, we will reduce each show to ONE subject and reduce the time for discussion between 5 to10 minutes for each subject (just enough time to have a cup of coffee.)  Our Webmaster is working diligently to make the necessary changes in this site to accomodate both "Coffee Corner" and articles written by VBN associates as well as articles carried in other print formats that we hope you will find informative and helpful when you are trying to make sense out of "What is Happening to America."
We will be announcing the start up of both of these new projects and ask that you join us and tell all your friends that you have found a place where you can get "straight" answers to question, without political bias.  As in the past, our intent is to "Protect the Constitution of the United States", and to honor our Veterans who have sacrificed so much of their lives to protect our Freedoms.
May God Bless America!
Vernon Bagley
President & CEO
Veterans Broadcasting Network of America, Inc.


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America is free because of the many sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, yet when it comes to taking care of our veterans too many are left behind.

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October 30, 2014


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